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All wedding packages start at 360 for a photographer all day, usually 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.
This enables the photographer to capture pictures of the bride getting ready for the big day and all the way through the day until the 1st dance of the new husband & wife.
All packages are inclusive and allow for weddings within West Sussex.

Wedding Albums The Wedding Package
The Wedding package includes an engagement photo-shoot at the venue or location where the ceremony is to be held, to plan and chat about how to capture some great shots on the big day and a few shots of the engaged couple.
Also a selection of 100 high resolution photo's, presented in a personalised & branded USB case with the USB stick inside.
The photographer can start to capture pictures of the bride getting ready for the big day and all the way through the day until the 1st dance of the new husband & wife.
The Wedding Package is 360.00 inclusive.

The Original Wedding Album - Love At First Sight
The art and passion of the photographers, the sensibility, expectations and dreams of the couples, the emotions and amazement of their loved ones... all these feelings take form in an album that you will love at first sight.
The original wedding album is 20x30cms in size, with a die cut leather cover, the debossing of the couples name. This surrounds 50 thick pages with free design, delivery to your doorstep. The Original Wedding Album cost is 300.00

The Digital Matted Album
Every background colour can be printed on the velvety white of this art matt, making possible to reproduce most of the tones available for the DMA multi and monopaper art mattes, or to invent endless new shades, maybe perfectly matching the chromatic theme chosen by the couple for their wedding. Thanks to the covering white coating (which come before the actual printing of the image) the brightness is increased: this highlights the picture and, together with the refined touches of the selective coating and of the translucent pages, returns high intensity emotions.
White contains all the colours, and in this version it frees them towards an unexpected expressive versatility.
The Digital Matted Album cost is 445.00

The Digital Matted Album - Monopaper
Modern classic comes to life again thanks to measured harmonies. Among the wide range of colour options and precious coloured art mattes, only one will be chosen: it will become the theme of your masterpiece. Images printed directly on matt and textured substrates will stand out thanks to the vividness of the colours, and will be highlighted by the glossy background of the covering white. Sharp varnish geometries can frame each picture or make some of their details reverberate, while the translucent pages allow a glimpse of the emotions of the following pages.
Choose your colour and be charmed by its vibrations.
The Digital Matted Album - Monopaper cost is 580.00

The Digital Matted Album - Multipaper
This is the leading version of the DMA: it allows to interpose pages printed on art mattes of different textures and colours with pages printed on photographic or metallic paper. For the first time ever all the substrates, printing technologies and finishing, including customized translucent pages, can coexist in the same album. The magic of a page printed on a textured art matt, ennobled by the glares of the selective coating, can be combined with the brightness and extraordinary definition of an image printed on metallic paper, maybe followed by a panoramic print on gold or by art mattes combined together thanks to a contrast of pale and deep shades.
The possibilities are endless, the results are simply amazing.
The Digital Matted Album - Multipaper cost is 645.00

The pace is nearly cinematographic, the sequence of the events of a special day is brought to life in a variety of the surfaces, different also in the way they reflect light; by empathizing unique moments, or by toning down the atmosphere of a watercolour like sunset, the photographer, the artist, becomes an orchestra leader searching for new harmonies.The return to this new, amazing, classical style lives again thanks to exclusive technologies, to chromatic symmetries created by the tones of the art mattes and to the atmospheres of images which, like in an enchantment, embraces and carries the characters of the story into a world defined by a balance of shapes and colours.

All photographic services are given to ensure a reportage style of photography, that will capture the emotions as the wonderful story of the wedding day, unfolds.
The products are supplied on request and can be customised or enhanced to suit.
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